Small note regarding these 15 works (three unexposed) “born” between 2003 and 2006 that I never brought together into an exhibition as well, because I felt it was not the time and maybe no one would understand.

The paintings are not figurative, and are not abstract: are symbolic shapes, static figures or moving. Are solitary or in groups: those who wait, those who move, those who walk, those who wait, those who go to a meeting (AGORA) – an event where we dialogue with empathy … From some works emerges a sweet melancholy.

The colors are bright, light or strong, positive, but deeply hides a slight loneliness. It is said that sometimes the artists “pre-feel”, “pre-see” changes in society: The “beautiful” loneliness – that is not so much IN the figure, as in the white-white that separates individuals or groups. .. In the distance between them, in empty space. A hidden loneliness, but latent and existing, that I now feel at times around me. Everyone lives in his space, more or less limited.

Sometimes you leave, we meet, we talk and meet to live happy moments, then return each in their “cage” … Perhaps it is time that these works come out and I am happy that their first release takes place in a space full of Light, Peace and Friendship: PORTUGUESE INSTITUTE OF ANTHONY IN ROME. They deserve my full gratitude.