Current Exhibitions

Language of colors

Language of colors

Please feel welcome to visit my latest exhibition at Via Savoia, Roma - Linguaggi Cromatici - Farbensprache

Previous Exhibitions

2018 – 2019

Personal exhibition October 19

Starting October 22nd 2019 a personal exhibition with recent works can be visited at the "Galleria Arteinregola", Via dei Cappellari 92 Roma. Please feel free to enter. Transport to the Gallery Installation of the paintings and sculptures Final arrangement...

Faith, Art, Nature

Please feel free and invited to visit this recent project at Via della Magliani 1240 starting May 25th.

Art and Music

Please feel free to visit my latest exhibition "Art in movement" starting November 11th 2018 Via P Matteucci 12, Roma.    



The Agora exhibition was initiated by Karen Thomas to demonstrate her belief in peace and humanity.


This exhibitions experimented and played with the thought of synchronization and the simultaneity of live. The wave was allegorized as methapher in the sense of "pantha rhei".

Art Cafe

This is the first small exhibition when works on plexiglass by Karen Thomas were shown


Arte Padova

A philosophical exhibition that was accompanied by Claudio Strinati. Here the "Reminiscent" (2005) was exhibited among works from the "Colori della luce"...

2015 – I colori della luce

The "Colors of light, colors of peace" exhibition at the Franzensfeste, Bolzano, represents the so far largest personal exhibition of Karen Thomas with more than 70 works being presented. For a video of the exhibition Click here Exhibition Catalog...


4th International Festival of Arts

4th International Festival of Arts

Due to the very good feedback and inspiring conversations at the 3rd International Festival of Arts, Karen Thomas participated at the consecutive event as well.

The mystery of blue

The mystery of blue

The cyclus "Mistery of blue" (Il mistero del blu) was closed with this exhibition at the Instituto Portoghese di Sant' Antonio, Roma in 2014.


The colors of light

This is the first time when works of the "I colori della luce" cyclus were exhibited. The complete series was exhibited at the Franzensfeste, Bolzano in 2015 .

Homage to Verdi

With the "Homage to Verdi" Vernissage, both at Rome and Miami, Karen Thomas set up an artistic statement thus refering not only to Verdi himself but pars pro toto to humans that made great art of any...

3rd International Festival of Art

This is exhibition represents a very important exhibition as it was organized by the Iraq's embassy in Italy and thus not only had artistic ambitions but promoted cultural exchange as well.

IX Florence Biennale

A special exhibition in 2013- the IX Florence Biennale- was one of the artistic highlights in this year where Karen Thomas participated.


Art & Wine (Vienna)

Art & Wine (Vienna)

A very delightful vernissage at the Gallery Steiner,Vienna that lead to a prosperous exchange among the artistic community there and Karen Thomas


Il Fascino della Luce

The "Fascination of light" exhibition at the Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome in 2007 marked one of the most important highlights in the career of Karen...


Mediterranean Impressions

One exhibition by Karen Thomas that was shown in Rome and Berlin, focusing on the typical mediterranean landscape as well as the women living there.


The Genesis exhibition is mentioned here pars pro toto for several small exhibitions of Karen Thomas in the clerical context of Rome.


2002 – Oltre l’immagine

For the exhibition at the "Castello di Santa Severa", Rome - 2002 a new catalogue was made. The title of the exhibition was accurately related to as "About the picture" (Oltre l'immagine)  


1998 – Edizioni Eldec

1998. In this series of exhibitions in several Italien cities and the corresponding catalogue, all major works of Karen Thomas' studies within the "neo-expressionism" were shown.