The study and pursuit of Light followed me for several decades, built a bridge between yesterday and today in my artistic life. It is true that for centuries the artists were inspired by the Mediterranean light. The Impressionists have revolutionized the art of their time, Monet painted the Rouen cathedral during the “four days of light”, sunrise, noon, afternoon and sunset. I also chose me, in cycles of recent years, the Light as the protagonist of my work, but the pace and I mean that I attribute, especially in this last staff, is mainly linked to the pursuit of peace. Without light there can be no peace, and peace is the only path that leads to the Future. I hope to be able to transfer to the cycle of “The Colors of Light Colors of Peace” my artistic and human contribution, with works that invite the viewer to reflect on “trust”, “hope”, “transparency.” And it is the “transparency” for having suggested an unusual technique for this production, many works are in fact made of methacrylate right to convey the intensity of light, like a look into his eyes without filters and without fears. But full of brotherhood.