As an artist of today, when admiring an icon or a portrait of the Mona Lisa, or Michelangelo’s David, the Delphic Sibyl of the Sistine Chapel, I realize, what our ancestors have been brilliant artists. I realize as well how important ethical values were for them. We living artists, we are nothing but travelers in the footsteps of them. We are their children. That way art is passed on from generation to generation. It is our responsibility to be thankful and … to make art great, … great art.

My novel cyclus I dedicate “Icons”, to a genre that deserves to be worshiped, to be contemplated.

Starting with some works under the topic of “Icons: Tribute Italian Arte del ‘500” I dedicate myself now  to the human being of today, to portraits of people who are close to me or far, I have met in person or only seen their image in the form of a photograph: I make one ICON, “Portrait icons XXI” with the technical influence of the Renaissance, but with the contemporary look of a living being of today. It is one interesting challenge, in the sense of ethics and artistic.

Maybe the new year will promote me as an artist and person, and with me, many friends and people who see in art a way of survival.